Problems of criminal liability and execution of certain types of criminal penalties under the new legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic
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Abstract (English):
As part of measures to improve the justice system and the legal system in the Kyrgyz Republic, the President’s decree No. 147 (adopted on 08.08.2013) and the decisions of the Council on judicial reform established an expert working group to develop new criminal and civil laws. After four years of work, the new Code on offences, the Code of violations, the Penal Code and other “related” laws were adopted simultaneously with the new Criminal and Criminal-procedural Codes, which allows us to see the scale of changes in the legal system of the Kyrgyz Republic. In parallel, measures are being taken to reform the judicial system and law enforcement agencies. New codes have introduced rules and institutions that cannot be analyzed in detail in a single article. In addition, for almost a year and a half, training of practical employees of law enforcement agencies and courts has been organized for the full and high-quality implementation of these institutions and rules, automated systems, separate structures and services are being created, which are equipped with appropriate equipment and office equipment. For this reason, the author considers it premature to draw any conclusions about the effectiveness of the ongoing reforms, since technical errors and gaps in the new codes are still being corrected, regulatory legal acts are being brought into line, and new regulations and instructions are being developed. This article attempts to give a brief general description of the reform of the criminal law direction, primarily the norms related to criminal liability under the new legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Kyrgyz Republic, crimes, offences, violations, probation Institute, criminal law measures, life imprisonment
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