The concept of probation and the implementation of probation control over persons with a suspended sentence in the Republic of Kazakhstan
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Abstract (English):
The article is devoted to the issues related to the formation of the state probation service in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the legislative regulation of its activities. Possible prospects for the development of this service are outlined, taking into account foreign experience, and some aspects of improving the system of execution of non-custodial sentences are also studied. Probation is presented as criminal supervision (criminal guardianship). Based on the conducted research, the author comes to the conclusion that probation should be understood as a set of measures aimed at social rehabilitation and adaptation, protection of the legal rights and interests of persons who have been prosecuted and found themselves in the current difficult life situation, as well as control and supervision of their behavior. The essence of probation is that, along with serious restrictions on the daily living conditions of the offender, in case of violation of the order and conditions of serving a sentence without deprivation of liberty, probation period of a suspended sentence, they can be replaced by real imprisonment.

probation, probation service, alternative to deprivation of liberty forms of punishment, penitentiary system, penal inspections
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