Dear colleagues!

The international penitentiary journal continues its work in a new format. Bilingual version of our journal in Russian and English allows us to expand our audience and increase the ability of authors to convey their position to all interested parties. The practice of working as a multidisciplinary and highly specialized periodical will also continue. We continue our strives to make our publication a universal platform for the exchange of views among all representatives of the professional community engaged in various spheres of penitentiary activity.
Issue of the journal that is presented to your attention contains the works of authors from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The issue contains articles devoted to actual problems of penitentiary psychologists’ work, operation of penitentiary departments’ medical services, and also upbringing work in places of imprisonment. The material of the presented articles reveals the latest scientific achievements, best practices and international practice in the studied areas of penitentiary activity.
The editorial Board of the journal continues to actively follow the events in the scientific life and the release of new specialized monographic publications on the topic of execution of sentences. In the presented issue of the journal was submitted the review on S.A. Vasilyeva’s monograph “I was in prison and you came to visit me...”: the history of the origin of prison service practice in the Protestant tradition and its influence on the course of prison reform in America, Europe and Russia”.
We invite colleagues to publish announcements of scientific events and reports on their conduct. We believe that this practice will help to expand the audience of announced events in scientific life and will provide them with appropriate information support.

Alexey Vladimirovich Rodionov
Editor-in-Chief of International penitentiary journal,
ScD (Economy)