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Author of a course of lectures
Ignatenko Viktor Ivanovich – DSc (Law), Professor, Honored worker of Higher school of the Russian Federation, professor of the department of criminology and organization of crime prevention, Academy of the FPS of Russia, retired colonel of the internal service.
Viktor Ivanovich Ignatenko was born on July 6, 1935 in Kotelnich, Kirov region. In 1959, he graduated from the Omsk State Institute of physical culture (pedagogical faculty). In 1964, he graduated from the Sverdlovsk Law Institute. In 1973, he successfully defended his PhD thesis in criminology on the topic: “The social effectiveness of sports in the prevention of juvenile delinquency” at the same Institute. The PhD thesis reflects the long-term experience of the work with juvenile offenders in the Tyumen region and the Ural region. For more than 10 years, he worked at the Sverdlovsk Law Institute as the head of the department of physical education and a coach in classical wrestling.
Viktor Ivanovich Ignatenko was invited to serve in the Ryazan higher school of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the USSR in 1974, where he actively participated in the creation of the Department of criminology, where he currently works as a Professor. In 1993, in the dissertation Council of the Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (Moscow), he successfully defended his DSc thesis on criminology on the topic: “Fundamentals of prevention of antisocial lifestyle and recidivism among minors”. He spent many years working at a special faculty with foreign students from countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Mongolia and Azerbaijan.
Research interests: prevention of juvenile delinquency, problems of free time of juvenile delinquents, prevention of antisocial lifestyle of young people, prevention of recidivism. Professor Ignatenko has published about 200 scientific papers and teaching materials.

The course of lectures “Antisocial lifestyle of juveniles and youth and ways to overcome it: the concept, content, causes (socio-criminological and penitentiary aspects)” is the first Russian work devoted to the problem of antisocial lifestyle. For a long time, works that exposed the shortcomings of the socialist way of life were forbidden.
A number of the author’s publications on this topic were also not allowed to be published at the time, and the topic of his dissertation research “Fundamentals of prevention of antisocial lifestyle and recidivism of minors (socio-criminological and penitentiary aspects)” was approved with great difficulty.
In the early 90’s of the twentieth century, the country began to “thaw”. Professor Ya. I. Gilinskiy emphasized that “thanks to Gorbachev’s perestroika, for the first time in many years, it was possible to conduct research freely, without regard to the party and government, without censorship restrictions, publish results, and defend one’s own scientific position”.
The change in the state system of the country made it possible for the author of this book to defend his DSc dissertation. The study allowed us to get stunning results, take a new look at some negative phenomena, identify a number of patterns that were not previously used in scientific and practical activities; thanks to it, the established misconceptions that made it difficult to find the truth and make the right decisions in the fight against crime were dispelled. Among them, you can specify some erroneous estimates of negative phenomena.
Times and values change, but the problem of antisocial lifestyle does not lose its relevance. The author continues research in the field of lifestyle of juveniles and young people (recidivism of juveniles; organization of youth leisure: sports as a means of overcoming antisocial lifestyle; sports and lifestyle in places of detention; work with teenagers at the place of residence, etc.). The result of this long-term research activity in these areas was this course of lectures – a fundamental multi-dimensional scientific work.
The book is written in a popular science genre that allows you to present educational material, freely expressing the author’s thoughts. It deals with many acute problems that have not been reflected in the media and scientific literature for many years.
A number of important conclusions are made in the work:
– society in the fight against crime will not succeed as long as the antisocial lifestyle system is not connected to this process;
– we must free ourselves from the delusion that crime is the most dangerous of all antisocial phenomena. The study showed that antisocial lifestyle is more dangerous than crime. However, the lack of a concept of this antisocial phenomenon, ignorance of the degree of its danger did not allow creating a mechanism to counteract this previously unknown category, and crime overwhelmed society;
– crime is a consequence of antisocial lifestyle, therefore the fight against crime is a struggle with the investigation, and the need to eradicate the causes of crime – antisocial lifestyle.
The criminal legal system fights against persons who have violated the criminal law. Other acts, which include leading an antisocial lifestyle, remain out of it sight. In addition, cadets and students of educational institutions and faculties of law do not receive knowledge about antisocial lifestyle, its causes and features, and practical bodies are far from this knowledge. In this regard, the author considers it appropriate to return the course “Antisocial lifestyle and ways to overcome it” to the educational process.
Combining the forces of the criminal legal system with the system of social control, which includes the sphere of overcoming antisocial lifestyle, should give positive results, so that the crime rate should go down.
Despite the fact that this work has no analogues in domestic and foreign science, this does not mean that it is beyond criticism and everything is indisputable in it. Some of the directions and problems indicated in it require further development, which will be taken into account in the following works of the author.

The Editorial Board of the International penitentiary journal is grateful to DSc (Law), Professor Viktor Ivanovich Ignatenko, as well as to the publishing house “Prospekt” for their active participation in the preparation of this review.

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