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In this article the author considers ensuring the personal security of a convicted person who is in prison as a necessary condition for full, comprehensive observance and enforcement of human and civil rights and freedoms. The author analyzes the concept of “personal security of convicts”, as well as examines the legal framework governing this activity. At present, issues of ensuring the personal safety of prisoners in places of deprivation of liberty are becoming increasingly relevant, since crime in institutions of the penal system is one of the most dangerous criminogenic factors. Currently, in places of isolation there is a risk of committing illegal acts on the part of the convicts themselves, as well as on the part of other persons who visit such institutions for various reasons. The author concludes that convicts’ security in correctional institutions is a multidimensional activity and contains many factors. Security in correctional institutions is provided by the employees with mandatory interaction with other law enforcement and government agencies. In order for the state, represented by institutions and bodies of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, to perform its direct duty to ensure the safety of convicts, it is necessary: constant and enhanced supervision of these persons; strict observance by convicts of the established rules in correctional institutions, the procedure for applying incentives and penalties to them; conducting educational activities; transferring convicts to a safe place, etc. All these measures are aimed exclusively at ensuring human and civil rights and freedoms in places of detention, which in turn is an additional factor that has a positive impact on the development of the state and society.

state, convict, duty, correctional institution, personal security, problems of legal regulation, society, personality.
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